When you take a physical therapy job to Oregon, you must visit Crater Lake and Crater Lake National Park. The lake, famous for its deep blue color and clarity was created around 5,677 BC by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. The “Old Man of the Lake” is a full-sized tree that has been bobbing in the center of the lake for more than 100 years. Because of the cold water the tree is well preserved and a favorite of visitors. When you have had your fill of the outdoors Portland is the city to be in. The Rose City is a lively place with an open air plaza downtown that serves as the cities living room. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Oregon Zoo, and the Portland Children’s Museums are all excellent indoor adventures. Within a few minutes drive of Portland are wineries with tasting rooms where you can relax and plan day two of your Oregon exploration. From nature-made to man-made, you’ll have plenty to see and do on your next physical therapy job in Oregon.

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